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Thursday, 26 September 2013 00:00

Jorge TzibOn Monday, September 23rd, at about 1:30a.m., Jorge Tzib, 28, was walking from a North to West direction in San Ignacio Town when he was attacked and killed. At the time of his death Tzib had on a red and blue in color knapsack on his back.

Jorge Tzib, who is a laborer from Shawville in San Ignacio Town, fell to his death somewhere between the Red Cross Building and the Office ‘Gurus’ Building on Joseph Andrews Drive. At the time of the attack, Tzib was also dressed in a short black pants and a grey in color sleeveless shirt. His body was found lying on its left side on Joseph Andrews Drive and he was barefeet. On closer inspection, Jorge Tzib was found to have stab wounds on the left side of his ear as well as under his right ear and a slit throat.

Police are investigating the apparent murder.