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Thursday, 03 October 2013 00:00

Arthur SaldivarThe adage goes, ‘If you live eenah glass house, don’t throw stones,’ and it is right that many, many moons ago someone came up with the saying to dissuade persons who are involved in wrong doing to not accuse others who are also involved in wrong doings. So it is that one of the hosts of WUB’s morning show began to call the police claiming that there was skullduggery taking place at the Immigration Department and that an investigation must be carried out. For context we note that Hon. Elvin Penner has been fired from Cabinet after he was involved in some level of wrong doing at the department. To this we must applaud the Prime Minister. He took swift and decisive action against Hon. Penner, but more than that he made it public to ensure that the message is made absolutely clear that this kind of behaviour should not be tolerated. After Hon. Penner’s firing, there is now a full fledged investigation into the wrong doing at the department to establish exactly what took place, who is involved and to place charges on persons if necessary.

Now to the talk show host- It is quite theatrical and apparently noble for him to be calling the police for an investigation to be carried out into the immigration department. He has all right to be saying this, but the messenger should be beyond reproach and here is where there is a problem. In fact the very television station from where the clarion call comes from needs to realize that it is built with glass. As much as what Hon. Penner did is wrong so too is depriving the government of revenue.

The television station we are reliably informed owes the GST department in the region of a whopping $111,000 in revenue which it collected on behalf of the government but which it has not turned in. For such an accumulation to have taken place it points to some serious backlogs so much so that we understand that it had to be assessed for the figure to have been arrived at. That is now a matter that will be dealt with by the GST department.  A word of advice, if you ain’t a saint don’t call others sinners.

Moving on from the TV station, there is an individual who calls in every day and laments the issue as if he is physically feeling pain himself. We speak of course of Arthur Saldivar, he calls every morning show every single day spewing the same nonsense. What Arthur does not say is that there was a time when Max Samuels had his U.S. visa cancelled by the U.S. Embassy and during that time Saldivar was Samuel’s campaign manager. Samuel’s visa was cancelled because of his involvement in the sale of passports. We wonder how much Saldivar knew about the transactions that Samuels was involved in. The way he calls the radio stations and can put a price on how much a passport is selling for it would appear that he has quite an experience in these types of things.

That being one of his bag of bones, it is not the only one. Persons can recall his involvement at the KHMH where he was singled out as being one of those who fleeced that institution selling them contrast that was not necessary. Then there is the issue of at least 3 American nationals whom he was to have done legal work for and who had to call him out in the media to get his reaction. Of course there are the multiple instances where he was supposed to have showed up to defend persons but he never did. Arthur, you too, “if you live eenah glass house dont throw stones”.