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Thursday, 10 October 2013 00:00

Frasncis Fonseca, Julius Espat and Arthur SaldivarThe recent drive by the People's United Party to have Hon. Elvin Penner recalled is the most recent act by the opposition that proves that they are very desperate to regain power. But this issue is not the only one that they have grabbed on to in an effort to drum up public support for their ulterior motive. We can recall that they tried to do very much the same thing with the Public Accounts Committee. That move however was unsuccessful and it is now being proven that the PAC can actually do work if it wants to.

Having seen that they cannot get any traction on that issue, the PUP simply sat on their hands and waited to pounce on the next thing than surfaced, and sure enough it did. Now the very same players who were doing the media rounds on the PAC issue are doing the rounds on the immigration matter. These persons include Francis Fonseca, Julius Espat and Arthur Saldivar.

The way these people are championing the cause it would appear that they are the saviors of the world and have never sinned in their lives. But each of them comes with their own checkered past and bag of bones. Fonseca's actions were most recently referred to by the Caribbean Court of Justice as being that of a Malignant Tumor that eats away at democracy. They described his actions as such after he signed as attorney General along with Said Musa a settlement deed which illegally gave tax breaks to Ashcroft controlled companies, BCB and the Belize Bank.

 As for Saldivar, well he was dragged off to court for owing GST, he took money from at least three Americans for services which he did not procure for them. We are not certain if he has paid Richard Gentry or John and Cynthia Englehardt after he took money from them and did not get them their strata title out at the Reef Village in San Pedro. He did very much the same thing with at least two other persons from whom he took money but did not appeared in court on their behalf when he was supposed to. Saldivar's misdeeds however are too numerous to list sufficed to say that he is the one the be speaking least of all.

Then we have Julius Espat, he famously, through cronyism, was sold the Chief Justice's Resident on Regent street and turned around and made a killing off the sale. By very much the same means he got possession of a portion of the Forestry compound in Belmopan, a prime piece of real estate depriving the government and people of the use and enjoyment of this property.    
Having pointed out as much about these three it must be that they along with the entire PUP drove must be nostalgic and are now showing desperation to once again get into the pork barrel.