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Thursday, 10 October 2013 00:00

Every post-independence administration has been racked by some scandal at the Immigration Department. Directors there have been shuffled and re-shuffled, there has been one instances when a director was retired early. Millions of dollars (under Musa's tenure) had gone unaccounted for. Passports were at times sold by the bucket-full. The U.S. visa of Max Samuels, while he was a minister, was cancelled because of what was going on at that department. There was even an instance under Carmen Zetina that 200 passports went missing. Then again there were other instances when passport applications were processed as if they were running an assembly line. Those people processed did not even set foot on Belizean Soil.

What took place most recently at the immigration department then we can say was unavoidable and we can surmise is just symptomatic of a disease that has long existed within that department. Apparently it does not matter which administration is in office, these types of activities will continue to happen time and time again, unless there is a complete clamping of the systems that guard against abuse. But it is easier said than done; after all the sale of passports be it legally or illegally is something that fetch those who trade in the business quite a handsome return. The reward for those who do it is simply too much to be brushed aside.

The heat that is being brought down on Hon. Elvin Penner is a heat that ought to be brought down not only on him but also those who help in facilitating this type of activity. There is no way that he was solely responsible for everything that was done at the immigration department. Remember he did not prepare the documents, he did not take pictures, he did not issue passports. There should be a thorough cleansing of that department to ensure that never again this type of thing happens again. It has happened over and over and over again and every time it takes place there is some level of public outcry, but the system and the persons who are involved in the system are never really held accountable. The time has come for the problem to be rooted out. (See clips from Guardian Newspaper on page 7)

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