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Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

Francis FonsecaYou could almost see them salivating as they spoke during their press conference on Tuesday. The PUPs are hungry for power and much more so, they cannot bear being out of office because they cannot feast at the bounty that the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, has been able to prepare for the people of Belize.

In his Independence Day address the Prime Minister highlighted that the government has almost 100 million dollars which will be spent on infrastructural development across the country. He explained that 25 million dollars will be spent at the Lake Independence Boulevard with the construction of a number of facilities including a bus terminal, a community center, a bridge and even an office for the National Bank. Then he explained that there will be 30 million dollars spent on the Belize City Center and 40 million more which will be spent on a sporting facility in each municipality.

After having rescued the economy from the Super Bond, there is that much that can be spent on driving the economy and seeing this, the PUP are like a pack of rabid wolves desperate to get in on the action. They are known to blow away millions of dollars on projects that yield no benefits. The way they are able to do this is by giving their cronies contracts to the tune of millions of dollars. There is then absolutely no supervision to ensure that either the project is done up to standard or if it is even done any at all. For them the prospect of getting their hands on the public purse is of utmost importance, they are flat broke and on their rare and like an injured snake, they are biting at everything that passes by. They are, at this point, most dangerous.

We must be thankful however that over the years, the Belizean electorate has been able to see them for who they really are. So it was that when Francis Fonseca stood at the podium, Jules Vasquez asked him the question that was in everyone’s mind. Does the PUP have any moral authority to be criticizing about the wrongs at the immigration department? After all under them over 7 million dollars went missing from the sale of passports and those monies are still unaccounted for. Then 200 passports went missing. Hundreds of Chinese nationals were given passports without even being in the country. The sale of Belizean passports were being done at various locations all over the world. Yet Francis dares to speak about wrongs. He must remember that he is not without sins. Remember he signed the settlement deed that gave Michael Ashcroft 88 million dollars in tax breaks. That is just one instance where Francis Fonseca defrauded the Belizean people out of millions upon millions of dollars.

88 million dollars is not a small figure, it is just shy of 18 million to compare to what the Prime Minister will be investing into the country for national development. Yet he stands at the podium and waxes as if he were the great hope for the nation of Belize. He simply has no shame. If as attorney general he was able to give way 88 million dollars to a single man, imagine what he is capable of doing if he were to ever become the Prime Minister. Lord help us!