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Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

Arthur SaldivarFishermen in Belize have a belief that when they go on fishing expeditions and the first fish caught is a grunt, they immediately have to move away from that fishing spot. The Grunt is one of the most undesirable fish in the sea and when it is hauled up, it is time to move away. Figuratively speaking, that is what Arthur Saldivar is to the People's United Party. He is the PUP Grunt, so it was that when he showed up at the PUP press conference on Tuesday everyone simply moved away.

Arthur had gone to the press conference with some files he says he got from the immigration department. He was expecting to be the most important clown under the tent but it turned out that the PUP leadership decided that he was not worth it. The Grunt had been shunned, pushed aside and was not even given the time of the day. He made up the lame excuse that he was too busy at court to have been asked to speak at the press conference. What Arthur should have said is that the PUP has used him as the chief clown and now he is no longer wanted.

Stuck with the dismissive manner in which he was handled by the PUP, Arthur tucked his tail and his files between his legs and made his way to the police station. And that is the end of that little episode for the PUP Grunt... until he is hauled up again.