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Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

AGM of People's Coalition CommitteeA new Board for the People’s Coalition Committee (PCC) in the Cayo District has been elected. Those elected last week Wednesday night at the San Ignacio Police Station were Julian Sherrard to the post of Chairman , Edwardo Juan to Vice Chairman, Sherry Gibbs to Secretary, Mary Loan to Treasurer and Superintendent Ralf Phillip Moody to the position of Ex-Officio Member.

The idea of People’s Coalitions was born out of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean Barrow, in an effort to curb crime.

As a group, the PCC is a forum where the citizenry from a diverse section of the Belizean society come together regularly to identify, discuss and solve local problems affecting communities. To do so effectively, the PCC works to develop better police and community relations, to find ways on how the police and community can work together to solve problems and also to improve the image of the Police Department. The PCC aims to transform attitudes, to promote security awareness and have zero tolerance for disorderly, anti-social, violent, corrupt and criminal conduct.

As a result the Police Commanders in each District are given the responsibility to establish independent groups called “The People’s Coalition” Committees. In the case of San Ignacio, Superintendent Ralf Phillip Moody, who is in charge of the San Ignacio Police Formation, continues to assist the PCC.

Indeed, as Superintendent Moody surmised in last week’s presentation at the PCC AGM, the reduction to crime within his jurisdiction has been due to neighborhood watches, the work of special constables and the acquisition of more vehicles. Even as those improvements were occurring in the area of police work, new developments are also taking place in the San Ignacio Police Formation.

“We have the finger print systems almost up and running, we didn’t have a space for it, the US Embassy donated some items, we will have a person attached to that office…there is a data base for fingerprints already set up,” reported Ralf Moody.