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Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

Victor Hendy, 27, was acquitted of murder on Tuesday, October 15th, when he appeared in the Orange Walk Supreme Court.

Hendy stood accused of the murder of his girlfriend, 29-year-old Annette Palacio, an Orange Walk woman who was strangled to death, on January 30th, 2009.

Hendy was set free after a no case submission was made on his behalf by his attorney Kevin Arthurs. The submission was upheld by Justice Herbert Lord and Hendy was free to go.

Justice Lord was of the view that there were a number of inconsistencies between the testimonies of the police officers who came to the court which gave way to doubts. There was also very little evidence against Hendy. With that, Justice Lord directed a 12 member jury of 7 women and 5 men to return a formal verdict of not guilty against Hendy.

The police evidence against the accused was that he was in a relationship with the deceased, Annette Palacio, 29. On the night of January 30, 2009, he left Belize City enroute to Orange Walk and upon his arrival, he got a call that his girlfriend, was at a bar drinking with another man.

According to the police evidence, Hendy then went looking for his girlfriend; however, he never found her until later that night, where she was found intoxicated walking on Corozal Road in Corozal Town. Hendy, according to the evidence, then took Palacio to Corozal Town, where he allegedly bought her two more drinks and then they went to the seaside where they got into the water to take a swim.

Further allegation are that whilst in the water, Palacio wanted to come out but Hendy refused, instead he began to reminisce about all the terrible things Palacio had done to him in their relationship and that is what made him strangle her in the water.

Speaking with Hendy’s attorney, Kevin Arthurs, he told us that the police picked up his client the following day, on January 31, 2009 and that’s when the police claim Hendy gave them a caution statement voluntarily. However, Arthurs in his no case submission to the court stated that the statement was given under duress, claiming that his client was beaten by the police and that the officers had refused his client his medications for an allege wound he claimed he had sustained the night before for which he was on medication.

Two police officers, including PC #1010 Jesus Marroquin and Police Cpl. Nicholas both testified in the trial. During cross examination, officers contradicted themselves.

PC Nicholas testified that the reason why they picked up Hendy and charged him with the murder was because of an injury he had on his foot. According to him Hendy had injured his foot whilst in the water and blood was found on the crime scene when he came out of the water.

During a voidaire Hendy had taken the stand on his behalf and told the court that he was robbed the night before and that he got chop wounds as a result. When police picked him up for the murder of Paalcio, he testified that he had visited the local hospital in Corozal and that he had received medical treatment and that he was given antibiotics and pain killers for his injuries. According to Hendy in his testimony, the police officer, Cpl. Nicholas in particular, stomped him on his injured foot and the officer told him, “that is what you get for messing around with a police man gial.”