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Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

Leroy Ramsey28-year-old Leroy Ramsey was convicted on two counts of attempted murder on April 19th of this year. He was accused of trying to kill Lindon Broaster and Cecilio Madrill on February 19th, 2008. Supreme Court Justice Traodio Gonzalez sentenced Ramsey to 8 years for each count but ordered that they run concurrently. On Tuesday, October 15th, his case was brought before the Supreme Court by Anthony Sylvester.

In court, Sylvester submitted that the trial judge erred during the trial in a number of areas. Sylvester said there was a miscarriage of justice when the trial judge did not give clear instructions; hence the jurors could have interpreted the law poorly. The second ground for appeal submitted by Sylvester was that the trial judge failed to adequately direct the jurors regarding the accused alibi witness which in the trial was his common-law wife, Stacey Williams.

On the night of the shooting, Broaster, Madrill and Robert Wagner were together on Raccoon Street. Madrill did not show up to testify in court and Broaster had to be treated as a hostile witness when he took the stand and testified contrary to his statements provided to police. Broaster maintained that he did not see who shot him. Wagner was the only cooperating witness for the prosecution. According to Wagner, he saw when Ramsey pulled out a gun and fired shots in the direction of Broaster and Madrill. Broaster was shot in the left chest while Madrill escaped unhurt. 
After the hearing, Ramsey escorted back to the Belize Central Prison where he awaits the decision of the court.