20 Acres of Corn Harvested in 17 Minutes to Benefit Hundreds of Children Print E-mail
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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

Harvest for KidsHundreds of children from Belize City will be able to attend summer camps thanks to an extremely successful harvest of corn on Saturday, October 12th. The Belize Camping Experience (B.C.E.) is a non-profit Belizean organization that was established in 2006. They work with schools, churches and community residents to organize summer camps. Last year, there were over 1000 children in B.C.E. camps. After the camp is over, there is a follow up program in which members of B.C.E. hold regular fellowship with children from the camp throughout the year. B.C.E. is preparing to host a number of camps for the 2014 summer and the organization is expecting to host more than 1200 children. In order to cover most of the expense for the camps, B.C.E. holds an event called Harvest for Kids.

Under the Harvest for Kids program the organization approach farmers and asks them to loan the program some of their best farm land. Last year four farmers loaned the group a total of 40 acres of farm land. This year, Harvest for Kids has a total of 77 acres land for crops. The organization then reaches out for donations of seeds, fertilizers and chemicals. The organizers work with farmers to plant corn and tend to the crop. They also take children from camp to the farms in order to teach them about farming. Most of the children enjoy riding on the heavy duty machines such as the fertilizer spreader and four-wheelers.

The organizers invite campers, supporters and the press for harvest day. The first harvest day of this year was held in Banana Bank Village on Saturday. This year there was a total of 15 combines harvesting on a 20 acre field. It took an impressive 17minutes to complete the exercise in which close to 50 sacks of corn per acre was harvested. Another harvest of 20 acres of corn is scheduled for October 26th. While donations were enough to cover all expenses in Banana Bank, the organization is still short of donations needed to cover the expenses for the next 20 acres. Anyone interested in donating seed, fertilizer, chemical or cash to Harvest for Kids can call Alexander Perez at 621-5541.