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Friday, 25 October 2013 00:00

Institute of Mexico in BelizeTwenty years ago, in 1993, the Institute of Mexico in Belize (IMB) was created as a cultural center, through which the Embassy develops different projects. The IMB plays a leading role in the recreational and artistic life of Belize and has become an essential part of the cultural infrastructure of this country.

It is a space for union, labor, coexistence and dialogue that helps Belizeans and Mexicans learn more about one another and from our similarities, differences and needs, generate programs and activities that enrich us and join us as neighboring nations.

The IMB is the home of all; Mexicans, Belizeans and people of other nationalities living in this country, that contribute daily to add with their work, talent and creativity.

One of the main sections of the IMB is the gallery of exhibitions: this place is a dynamic site, which presents plastic art displays, highlighting to the Belizean public, creativity of Mexican artists and the vast cultural heritage of Mexico.

The Institute is also an open forum for the exposition of Belizean artists. The artistic community knows that the IMB in Belize is a place willing to contribute to the diffusion of the work of local artists. As an act of solidarity with home artists, the IMB facilitates, promotes and drives feature artists and groups in various festivals organized in Mexico.

But the IMB is more than an art gallery; it is also an educational center and living space, where courses are taught primarily to children and youth. In its halls are books, films, lectures, music recitals that share with Belize our most deeply rooted traditions.

The IMB is an open space for civil society, NGOs, diplomatic missions of other countries or schools interested in organizing exhibitions or just to show their achievements or work.

In addition to the actions carried out within the premises of the IMB, multiple cultural activities and instructive projects that contribute to the image of Mexico and the promotion of Mexico’s cultural heritage are managed or processed in their offices.

We hope that in the coming decades the IMB continues to strengthen this two-way action, seeking not only greater presence and knowledge of Mexico in Belize, but Belize’s greater presence in this facility and in all of Mexico.