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Friday, 25 October 2013 00:00

(L-r) Hon. Pablo Marin  and  Nurses at the University of BelizeStudents in their final week of training before leaving to do their practicals at the clinics around Belize, held an educational outreach on Wednesday at the University of Belize Campus Grounds in Belmopan. The focus was on Reproductive Health, primarily that on pre-conception care, cancers of the reproductive systems, sexually transmitted infections and contraception. The theme for the Nurses, in their fourth year at the University of Belize was “Step Up. Take Charge. A Healthy Belize Begins Today.”

“If we are not teaching about reproductive health, then we are short-changing that individual,” says University of Belize Nurses Lecturer Isidorra Paquiul Espadas.

“In Belize, studies have shown that we are not using contraceptives”, explains Isidorra Espadas.

There is currently a shortage of nurses in Belize. The few nurses that we have are finding greener pastures in the more developed countries. But Professor Isdiorra Espadas says, studies have shown that nurses are mostly looking for improved working conditions in Belize.

Briefly joining the students nurses today at the University of Belize was the Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health. Several booths from the Ministry of Health were also on prominently displayed at the educational event on Wednesday.

With these activities having been held successfully today at the University of Belize Campus, some three Millennium Development Goals are being worked on. These Global Health goals are for decreasing Child Mortality, improving Maternal Health and decreasing the incidence of HIV/AIDS.