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Written by Jamil Matar   
Friday, 01 November 2013 00:00

It seems that Channel Fox is throwing caution to the wind with this story about Hon. Castro and the accusation that he has facilitated for personal profit hundreds of visas to foreign nationals to visit Belize. Even after the fervent denials by the Minister that there is no truth or proof to the matter, Fox continues to run the story, and have basically announced that they will stand by their story no matter what happens. They are prepared, it would seem, for any level of risk, even if it means being condemned by the courts for libel.

Let us look at the backdrop of this visa story which was created solely by Fox and continuously nurtured by that TV station for over a week. It has already been established that Hon. Penner has committed a monumental disservice to Belize by approving nationality status to a person who has never been in our country. The Prime Minister immediately condemned the act and promptly fired Penner from his post. Penner was later even asked by the PM himself to resign both from the UDP and from the House of Representatives, even at the peril of exposing the UDP to lose a seat and further eroding the Government’s slim majority. 

With that sudden development, Fox and its protagonists began smelling blood and decided that they needed one more challenge to the Government’s slender majority to force either a next general election, or better yet for them, take over the House without a fight. That is their dream, and it has them salivating merely at the thought of being at the reins of government, their mouths slobbering in the feeding trough.

Many people with whom I have spoken to on this issue believe it’s an elaborate set up against Mr. Castro, and is a clear indication of how desperate the old chap is. He wants his toys to be returned to him, so he can once again manipulate our economy and maximize profits at the expense of development. He desires to be at the center of the “group” once again, wining and dining with personalities like Musa and Fonseca, pen and paper always at the ready to solicit accommodation agreements.  

But with all the high pitched chatter about visas, I am still in the dark as to what charge is being leveled at Hon. Castro. Call me ignorant, but cannot any person from another country simply apply for a visa to come to Belize? Or do we have like a Berlin Wall that we don’t want visitors to our country? Is our country so critically sensitive that people have to bribe ministers of government to get a visa to visit?  I will need to be educated here; serious.

With the passport issue, I fully understood the scandal and the wrath of the people, and have condemned it with equal passion as the Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration, but, I repeat, the visa thing is confusing to me.

Another question, is Channel Fox suggesting that the instant a Chinese national secures a Belizean visa, this will automatically gain him entry to the United States? I find this to be a stretch of the imagination since even the Mexicans who reside in border cities with the US find it a challenge to illegally get by the US immigration points. I know this for a fact, since I have travelled twice by road, and I saw the tight controls they have in place at the border crossings.

I have a caution note to send out to fellow Belizeans: beware of the picture that is being painted of a new PUP. As Chubby Reneau once said, there is no old PUP or new PUP, there is but one PUP.  He is right: this is practically the same crowd that raped this country between 1998 and 2008. They have no love for Belize, and they will concentrate solely on hustling.

We are presently poised to see our country benefit from the solid foundation that the UDP has been building for the past five years. Let us not let our guards down and allow some fanatics at Channel Fox dictate to us what to think and how to act. Their objectives are sinister since all they aspire for is to be lord and master over us.