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Written by By Samantha singh   
Friday, 01 November 2013 00:00

Before I begin here, let me put across a point. I am very rarely surprised and aghast at things that happen in my home country. It has reached the point of desensitisation as I believe it has for many others. That said I was completely caught off guard by yesterday’s piece in ‘Colin’s Corner’ of the Amandala. If you happen to be one of the few people who missed it, (you didn’t miss much) let me refresh your memory; our ever entertaining (gag) guide into the depths of human indecency, Colin Bh regales us with his flawless perception of race, gender and rape politics.

With his insistence on the importance of “virtuous women” in society, Bh kicks off his descent into what can only be described as broad scoping and very dangerous ignorance. The entire article is a tapestry of slut shaming, victim blaming and racism stitched together with terrible semantics and bad jokes. And yet, when asked for comment on the backlash he has so far received, he doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong?

Well today is your lucky day, Colin. I’m here to set you straight.

Proceeding from the aforementioned necessity of virtuous women for the continued stability of nations, Bh moves that the laws recently passed were lacking the reviewal and critique of what he calls “mature sincere males” a group we can only hope he does not include himself in. Because, obviously if there are flaws in something it’s because a man wasn’t involved right? Separately, I would like to privately move that perhaps one of these faultlessly wise “mature sincere males” should have intervened before Bh’s article was published in the first place, since it’s entirely impossible that they were present in the editorial process. But I digress. Carrying on down the mountain of future material for letters of apology our faithful narrator takes us further down the rabbit hole and discusses a quaint little anecdote whose validity I cannot vouch for but nonetheless must critique:

The other day a man couldn’t resist a girl with a very sexy behind, and he patted her on that part. Now, every red-blooded male in this land has, at some time, and maybe numerous times, have had to exert some major restraint around some very sexy girl. Can you believe that the man went to jail?! Sometimes I wonder wherefrom our women get their counselling. Because the sexy female in the sexy attire exerts a magnetic pull on the male (it’s in our genetic code), the conscious mind does not have to tell the hands to touch. Of it’s own instinctively, the hand moves. The conscious mind has to intervene and tell the hand: whoa, don’t do that!

In which Colin Bh, a nationally published columnist stipulates that men are nothing but their animal desires and are entirely governed by hormones and testosterone, making the choice not to infringe upon the personal liberties of another human being something very difficult - something you should be proud you can do (because men are red-blooded animals who are hard wired to chase skirts dontchaknow!). That, to me gives men too little credit and were I on the other end of the gender spectrum, I would be furious that someone deigned to portray me in such a barbaric light. But it’s in the genetic code to be a lecherous perv, Samantha! No. It’s not. There is no genetic excuse to support the pat on the back you want to give yourself for respecting someone. You don’t get a cookie for not grabbing a strangers ass. You don’t get a trophy for exhibiting basic human decency. It’s not hard to not molest someone and if it really is that hard for anyone, their continued presence in society is terrifying.

Of course it is not our right to touch. The little girl is off limits and the big girl has to give permission. Yes, the male is in severe error when he doesn’t resist. But why do we have to go for fine and confine? A fine is no penalty for a rich man, so that’s bogus. And incarcerating a person is one of the most inhumane punishments devised by man. The punishment for touching (fondling) has to be a good LASHING.

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