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Friday, 01 November 2013 00:00

News anchorsSince its inception in 2004, Crime Stoppers Belize has evolved from being simply an information relaying program to now being a fully functioning crime intervention institution that is actively promoting developmental activities in various communities. However, the organization’s principal function is still being an alternative source for the reporting of criminal activities and on Thursday, October 24th, Crime Stoppers Belize thanked its partners who make it possible for the program to be effective.

The organization presented certificates of appreciation to various media houses for their support in promoting the program. According to Janelle Chanona, Spokesperson for Crime Stoppers Belize, “Crime Stoppers has always had a great relationship with the media. All our ads are run as public service announcements and the personalities volunteer their time to take part in the ads.” Three media personalities that were specially recognized are anchors Indira Craig of 7 News, Marleni Cuellar of News 5 and Anju Gidwani of Love TV. The public service announcement that the trio starred in was recognized as the best television PSA at the Crime Stoppers International meeting this September in Barbados. Chris Garcia, Chief Operating Officer of Crime Stoppers Belize, said that their colleagues from other countries were amazed at how competing media houses agreed to work together on the piece. Dorian Nuñez of Ambergris Today, David Marin of Reef TV’s morning show and Jorge Aldana of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper were also recognized for voicing an award winning Spanish radio PSA. Executives of Crime Stoppers International pointed to Belize as an example of how to effectively promote the program.

According to Chanona, the public’s trust in the program continues to strengthen. She says the amount of reward for tips leading to arrests of violent offenders, weapons seizure, recovery of stolen items, detention of international fugitives and others has tripled this year. She says, “That is a sign that people are having more confidence in the anonymity of the program.” Chanona adds, “Since 2004, no one has been identified for giving a tip or receiving a reward from Crime Stoppers Belize.” However, she wishes to remind the public that “Crime Stoppers Belize is not a replacement for the police so if it is possible you should call the police to report crime.” If an individual does not feel comfortable reporting a crime to police the Crime Stoppers is a safe alternative.

The organization also recognized the Belize Police Department as a partner contributing to the effectiveness of the program. Not only has the department worked with Crime Stoppers on the tips being relayed, but through its community policing efforts the department has always been willing to support the organization’s community outreach programs. Crime Stoppers Belize has held several school based events but its signature community based activity is the “Day at the Beach”. The organization selects a number of kids from gang plagued areas of the city and takes them and their parents away for a day at the beach. Chanona says it is a day of relaxation and bonding for the children and their parents in a safe and peaceful environment. The organization thanks all its partners and sponsors who work to make the program a growing success.