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Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:00

Jason Andrews “To all my Belmopan friends this is your time to preemptively take a stand against corruption.” “Any individual who thinks he or she can win a convention by buying votes is not worthy to lead us. That’s just “more of the same” that has gotten us to this situation.”

- Patrick Andrews via Facebook

It came as no surprise to anyone that one of the candidates openly admitted on Facebook that those whom he was running against in the PUP Belmopan convention for Standard Bearer had been buying votes.

It is the norm for PUP politicians to exercise this kind of tactic in order to secure seats even if it means that it is against one another. But Andrews should be the least among them to speak about vote buying. There were bus loads of persons who were brought in and were offered $100 dollars to vote for the candidate offering the money.  If Jason Andrews were to be truthful, he would also say that there were those who played prominent parts in his campaign who were also offering this type of incentive to vote.

His holier than thou attitude will go nowhere as there are persons who are prepared to say that he too was involved in very much the same thing that he was accusing others of doing.