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Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:00

Roger Espejo ‘opening doors’ for Dawn Davis.“When one door is closed, don’t you know, another door is open” goes one of Bob Marley’s popular songs and that’s something all positive leaders believe. It is in ‘turning lemons into lemonade’ that one rises above life’s ever -increasing challenges.

That’s the spirit that is steadily being felt by those in the Fort George Constituency who come in contact with Caretaker Roger Espejo but it’s not only an ethos; it’s a way of life that the emerging leader is tangibly acting on - and with conviction. Roger Espejo is effectively ‘representing’ in terms of brokering solutions for the needs of those who have nowhere to turn. “Nature doesn’t like vacuums” says Roger as he discusses the lack of service (by the current area representative) which he, Espejo, is only too willing to take on.

Roger Espejo, as caretaker, has shown no fear to enter the constituency and to bravely start working and representing the UDP. “I fear no task” he assures his constituents as he finds the most creative solutions to the mundane problems residents face. Most recently he ‘pooled’ resources to build an entire bathroom for Dawn Davis of the constituency. “Dawn’s bathroom was destroyed in a not-so-recent storm,” mentions Roger. “She needed it and this was urgent...nobody should be without this basic facility”.

Roger Espejo is one of the many emerging leaders that make the UDP proud. He now looks forward to becoming the UDP standard bearer of the Fort George Constituency - a challenging journey that he embarks on resolutely. “Poverty is my enemy” he declares, “not any one man - I embrace challenges, let them come, every wall is a door”.