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Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:00

Hon. Mark King addresses the gatheringHon. Mark King is never failing his constituency and that was proven between last week and this week as he held zone meetings with residents of the Lake-I division. In an effort to better serve the constituency, Hon. King and his committee divided the division into zones and he endeavored to have meetings with these residents by zones to get a feel of what their needs are and how he can address those needs.

The first meeting took place on Wednesday, October 30th, with two subsequent meetings on November 4th and 5th at the UDP headquarters. The meetings were well attended with each having over 50 persons. During the meetings Hon. King explained to the residents what his plan are for improving the division and explained that his primary focus at this time was on education, infrastructure and land. He explained that the education program is a robust one where he attempts to help as many of the residents who come to him early enough for him to assist. He also told the gatherings that in the area of infrastructure, after the completion of some cement streets the focus will then be place on proper drainage in the area. As it relates to land, he said that his flagship program is his land-amnesty program where he is attempting to regularize the land tenure of residents who have been unable to get either leases or titles to their land. In this area he also noted that he is working along with the Ministry of Natural Resources to identify more land to give to first time land owners in his constituency. 

While Hon. King addressed the residents, time was also taken to have the residents give their input on how to improve conditions in Lake-I. There were great exchanges and the names and numbers of those with other concerns were also taken down for these to be addressed in a timely fashion by the Area Representative.

With this kind of representation in Lake-I, Hon. Mark King is proving that one on ones with residents is nothing that anyone should fear especially if the work is being done to better the conditions of residents.