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Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

On Monday of this week, a towhead truck was discovered by Police parked on the Calla Creek Road, just outside the Bullet Tree Falls Police Sub Station, with barrels containing mysterious substances. On further inspection and after opening securely locked doors on the truck, the team of police officers found ten 50 gallon barrels. The blue barrels each contained an unknown chemical substance, which Police recorded to have had a strong aroma.

On further investigation, Police proceeded to Ricardo Garcia, who was in charge of the truck, and who informed them that he was willing to pay the Police Officers to leave the case aside. Police also found Emil Williams, from Calcutta Village and Patrick Smith, from Ranchito Village, sleeping inside the cab of the truck.

Meanwhile; Emil Williams claimed that the towhead truck was his property and that he was only doing freight service for Ricardo Garcia. All persons were shown the contents within the barrels and told that they will be detained as further testing will be conducted on the found substance.

An additional four male persons near the scene were also detained and escorted to the San Ignacio Police Station. These persons were David Hernandez, Alexis Arana, Oscar Castillo and Victor Constancia. A red ford pickup that these men were in earlier was also transported to the Belize Defense Force Camp in Central Farm for safekeeping.

Also, on Monday of this week, all eight persons were transported to the B.D.F Camp in Central Farm where the barrels were individually opened by forensic personnel. Samples were taken from each barrel and then taken to the National Forensic Laboratory for further analysis. The substances found in the barrels are now believed to be precursors, necessary for the production of illicit drugs that were destined for the high demand drug markets North of Belize's border.

On Wendesday Richardo Garcia, Alfonso Antonio Ovando, Emil Williams, Victor Constanza, Oscar Castillo, Alexis Arana, Patrick Smith, and David Hernandez were  charged with customs offenses for Ammonium Hydroxide. Garcia, Ovando and Williams have been additionally charged with offenses in relation to a drum of hydrochloric acid which was also found in the container. All of the men with the exception of Alfonso Antonio Ovando were offered bail in the sum of $5000. Ovando was sent to prison since he owes the court $63,000.

Meanwhile the owner of the container Seaboard Marine who owns the container has made a formal complaint to police that it was stolen. The company told police that it rented the conatiner to B and C Internation, a company operating out of the free zone on November 5th. It was to have been used to transport cigarettes to the Corozal Freez Zone. The container was to have been returned 10 days later but it never was and later turned up in Cayo with the drums in it. Apparently B and C is claiming that the container was taken by the trucker who hauled the cigarettes to the zone and never returned it to Seaboard Marine.

Bullet Tree Falls is near the Belize-Guatemala border where high resolution Google Maps now shows small roads crossing the border. Residents of Bullet Tree Falls have previously complained of high levels of vehicle activities; especially during at night.