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Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

It would appear that Channel 5 has taken on the position that they will try to destabilize the government by any means necessary. On Monday night they continued to push the envelope when they put Alvarene Burgess on the Dickie Bradley show, this time for an hour long session of very much the same thing that she has been saying. The only difference in this case was that she agreed to show her face.

Burgess by her own admission has stated that she is some sort of agent for passports and visas, but by some grace she has decided to come clean. By our information she has been at it for years but it seems that she has now gotten enough and is coming clean for the sake of the country. By her accounts, she visited Hon. Edmund Castro, who according to her original story she got 200 recommendations from Hon. Castro. Then she made her appearance on Dickie Bradley's talk show where her numbers changed, she claimed she visited Hon. Castro at least 25 times, each time getting 6 or 7 recommendations. It would seem that she keeps on changing her numbers, and by Hon. Castro's reckoning it is almost impossible for her to have visited him that many times at his Belmopan office since he is not in office that often in the first place.

The number of recommendations she claims to have been issued is one thing, now she is adding a new dynamic to her fantasy. She claims that the U.S. embassy called her in for her to give them information on her operations. When she did arrived,  Alvarene says she was grilled for 3 hours and even worse a conversation she claims she had with Hon. Castro was played back for her. After her 'ordeal', she left the embassy crying. Any reasonable person can surmise that it is likely that she went to the U.S. embassy to apply for a visa and knowing her history, she was questioned by the embassy personnel. It is likely that she left crying because her application was denied. Now, anybody who knows Alvarene can tell you that she has her untidy moments. This time around however, there are those who believe she has gone too far.

But what is motivating Alvarene? Some are of the opinion that she is being induced to going on the air and maligning Hon. Castro. What is strange about the entire saga is the fact that she has only made appearances on Channel 5. She has not made any attempt to seek any other media house that is independent. More than that, Alvarene has not provided a shred of evidence to prove what she is saying is true. All she has is allegations and claims that she has witnesses who she claims will say saw her go in to speak to Hon. Castro. As for Channel 5, it has already been served with a note from Hon. Castro's attorney giving them until November 12 to apologize, retract and offer compensation. They have not responded and full legal proceedings are now underway.

It would seem that Channel 5 will simply continue to do the damage and pay the costs later. We hope that when the time comes, they pay so dearly that they would not dear repeat what they are doing now. That however may just be wishful thinking as we all know who backs Channel 5. The man behind the propaganda organ is filthy rich and it is likely that he is willing to expend a couple hundred thousand dollars with the hope that his returns are paid back in the millions of dollars from a PUP administration.