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Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

Peter Eden Martinez continues to lobby on behalf of the people of Toledo East. As Minister of Human Development in the previous administration he brought tremendous social relief to the people of Toledo by championing the United Democratic Party’s pro-poor policies. Martinez worked with the Ministry of Education to see record secondary school enrollment for students from Toledo East. He rolled out the Conditional Cash Transfer Program (Operation BOOST) which provided financial incentives for families to stress the importance of participation in school and other developmental activities. Now out of Government, Martinez continues to represent the people of Toledo East.

While the elected Area Representative, Mike Espat, seem to be only concerned about the construction of a bridge, Martinez continues to present the concerns of his constituents to those in authority. A lifelong social worker, Eden continues to review the effectiveness of programs such as BOOST and the Food Subsidy to advise on how it can better benefit the people of Toledo East. It is because he continues to champion the issues they care about that Village Chairmen from Bella Vista, Monkey River, Bladden, San Pablo, Trio, Forest Home and Elridgeville have already endorsed him for the upcoming UDP Convention Season.

During a meeting at the San Isidro School on Sunday, November 10th, Chairmen from the mentioned villages expressed their continued support for Peter Eden Martinez and the United Democratic Party. They all spoke of major development projects that have been executed in their respective communities and praised Prime Minister Barrow for the commitment he has made to finance more projects for the rural communities of this country. Fern Gutierrez, Deputy Chairman of the United Democratic Party, also gave a moving endorsement of Martinez before what has been described as “a vibrant and enthusiastic audience”. Former Area Representative for Stann Creek west, Melvin Hulse, also made an appearance and addressed the gathering with a strong endorsement speech.

The meeting was organized by Mr. Alberto Coy, Deputy Chairman of the Toledo East Executive Committee.