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Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

Lately it seems like there was an election that only the “social partners” know about. Every single time this Government reaches out to include them in decision making bodies (which they have never been a part of) they want the administration to surrender its decision making power as well. The Public Accounts Committee is the latest unit for which Government should relinquish majority control. Not even the Churches support the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and the Chamber of Commerce on such a position.

After the social partners expressed their dissatisfaction with the hearings of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon. John Saldivar held meetings with every interested body to discuss the role and future of the Committee. He also informed them that Government would grant their request to be part of the committee and all reports from the Committee to the House would include a minority opinion, if there is one. On Thursday, November 7th, the NTUCB and the Chamber issued a joint press release to “congratulate the Government of Belize on its efforts to restructure the composition of the PAC”. However, they would like the Committee to be comprised of four members from Government, two from the Opposition and three social partners. The opposition should also maintain chairmanship of the Committee.

Government has not made public an official response as yet; however, they would be undermining the people of Belize if they accept such terms. The United Democratic Party was elected by the people to lead as majority representatives of the National assembly (both chambers). Majority representation is not for the social partners to take or for the UDP Caucus to give away. Representation is determined by the people and that is the foundation of our DEMOCRACY.

If the Executives of the Chamber of Commerce and NTUCB want executive power they should put their names on ballots.