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Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

The wail of desperation from Channel Fox is getting louder with this visa non-issue and the spurious accusations against Hon. Castro. Fox and friends have now put the lady on a TV show and there is a new twist in her tale. This time she’s claiming that the US Embassy summoned her for an interview relating to her allegation that Chinese visitors paid thousands to Castro for visas to Belize. She further claimed that the interrogation lasted three hours and left her in tears.

I have a few comments concerning Miss Lady before I proceed to my main topic. First, if she is telling the truth, she is certainly guilty of being an accomplice to whatever scam she is accusing Mr. Castro of committing. On the other hand, if she is lying for money, then that makes her, well, a liar and a thief. Secondly, in all her appearances this mini version of Edward Snowden can never present a shred of evidence to support her story. Skeptics who listened to her yarn on Monday night may well believe that she may have gone to the Embassy to apply for a US visa and was thoroughly interrogated as to her intentions in the States. Most likely she was curtly refused, and her tears were as a result of the $360 or so that she lost with the application.

As to Channel Fox, their unrelenting broadcast of this issue is really getting monotonous since they begin each newscast of every day with the same recycled babble. While I easily recognize why they are so obsessed with this passion to trigger a new election, I cannot ignore this path of deceit they are embracing to achieve their objective.

In fact, we must fully appreciate the vested interests behind all the moves they make, and consider all the players involved in this Fox creation. Truth be told, the accuser is an avowed hustler. Amalia wants to be ambassador once more, and the Old Chap wants back BTL as soon as the government changes. Simple as that.

Now we proceed to chat about the chief scriptwriter, Saldivar, of this entire pantomime. This is the same lawyer who wanted to be PUP Party Leader without even having won a village council election. This is also the man who is taking Ms. Snowden around and prepping her for her appearances, especially the show with Bradley. And don’t let ghost fool you; Bradley is as deeply involved in this rigmarole as Amalia is. His attempt at sincerity is as false as the Bible is true.

But to continue with Saldivar, he got a free pass the other day from Vasquez at Channel 7. He claimed that when his mentor Samuels was caught in the immigration scandal, the government’s policy at that time encouraged economic citizenship and Samuels was simply doing his job. That statement was a complete lie. That program had come to a halt as soon as the PUP won the elections in 1998, and Samuels was caught selling passports in 2002. The Chief Immigration Officer was dismissed during the scandal and there was a Cabinet shuffle shortly after the dust settled. I will always remember that episode, since only a poor shop clerk was charged for the sale of hundreds of passports.

I want to make an open prediction here: Saldivar will never win an election because his own constituents claim he is a braggart and he rubs people the wrong way. He is desperate in having his Party support a recall effort in Belize Rural North, but that itself is a very long shot since even the Executives in the PUP do not like him. Saldivar is famous for hogging up the limelight in all issues, and believes he is so magnificent in all he does. All his machinations and dramatic performances are geared at winning but a single election so that he can have reason to nurture his monumental ego. All I can say is, sweet dreams, Saldivar, I tell you, sweet dreams.