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Thursday, 28 November 2013 00:00

On Thursday November 21, over 900 hundred students from around the country were honoured at the 2013 CXC Award Ceremony at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan. This year’s May-June 2013 session saw some of the most promising students yet; Edward P. Yorke graduate Xiaowen Huang managed to sit and pass 17 CSEC exams, with an astonishing 16 grade ones and 1 grade two. She got the highest grades in the country for science, technology and vocational subject group, clothing and textiles, and integrated sciences. In her speech to the students and proud parents at the ceremony, she commented that there were many factors, such as hard work, dedication and careful planning, which allowed her to perform so well in the exams.

Huang was closely followed by SCA’s Marilen Guerra, who achieved 15 grade ones. She also received a subject group award in humanities. Both Huang and Guerra were awarded with iPad tablets as a token of appreciation for their hard work and achievements. Both of them are currently double majoring at the Saint John’s College Junior in Biology and Chemistry.

These ladies are developing an academic career very similar to the most outstanding 2013 CAPE performer, Aaron Andrew Stock. He took 16 CSEC exams when he graduated from Saint John’s College two years ago, and he became the second best performer with 16 passes and 15 grade ones. This year, he topped the CAPE exams with 8 grade ones, and he achieved the highest grades in the country for Caribbean Studies, Chemistry Unit 1 and Physics Unit 2. He is currently away studying in the US, so, his mother, Beverly Menzies-Stock, delivered his speech to the gathering. He is this year’s recipient of the Belize Scholarship. His parents were surprised with the good news that instead of the usual $80,000 award, Stock will be given $200,000 toward his education. Education Minister Hon. Patrick Faber announced it at the ceremony that the Government of Belize approved the increase. Faber said that the Government recognized that these top CAPE performers go on to some of the most prestigious universities abroad where that $80,000 ($40,000 US) does not provide any kind of realistic financial assistance. According to Faber, these top performers should be considered ambassadors of Belize, and the country should try to assist them to achieve the highest recognition abroad in education. Stock becomes the first recipient to benefit from this upgraded award. Interestingly, in his written speech, Stock acknowledged the assistance of Romel Rudon, who he called his tutor for the CAPE exams. Rudon was the second best performer after Stock, and these two brilliant young men graduated from Saint John’s College, with Rudon just edging out stock for first place CSEC Awards of 2011. Rudon is currently studying in Taiwan, so his awards were received on his behalf by his sister.

Faber also announced that starting next year, any high school student who manages to get 15 passing grades in the CSEC exams will be awarded with a $5,000 scholarship grant.