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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

The Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG), on Wednesday December 4th, was bolstered with a hefty donation of 1.2 million Canadian dollars worth of equipment to improve their operational ability. According to Lt. Col. Hank Szelecz, Commander Officer of the Canadian special forces, the donation consists of "soldier systems to enhance capability of soldiers." The equipment donated include personal items such as boots, uniforms, surveillance gears including night vision and thermal cameras as well as equipment to improve mobility such as small inflatable boats.

The donation came as part of Canada's Initiative of Security in Central America where the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper committed 25 million dollars to support security capacity to countries and citizens in this hemisphere. High commissioner of Canada to Belize Stuart Savage told the press that "Canada has special relation with Belize" where this country was chosen as a focus for military and political cooperation. He added that Belize and Canada's relations go as far back as the 1980's where there has been training both by Canadian personnel in Belize and Belizeans in Canada.

The donation is a great bolster to the BSAG which is the BDF's special forces and Lt. Col. Szelecz notes that it will assist in anti narcotic operations conducted in Belize. Canada he stated is interested in stability in the region and this benefits everyone. While Canada is not as consumed with the narcotics problems as the U.S. is Szelecz stated that "counternarcotics is a problem that everyone faces" and even if the equipment is not used in this field the intention is to focus on military to military cooperation concentrating on soldier skills.

BSAG is a special grouping of specially selected and trained BDF soldiers who assist the police department in conducting law enforcement operations.