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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

alwyn gabb.jpg - 37.28 KbDolphin Street resident, Alwin Gabb who has been on remand for the past 6 years was tried for murder and on Tuesday, December 3rd, and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

At 1:10 p.m., a jury of 12 persons stepped into the deliberating room to decide the fate of Gabb who was accused of the July 6, 2007 murder of Nolan Arana, a friend of his estrange common-law wife, whom he stabbed multiple times on July 1, 2007 through an alley on Neal’s Pen Road.

Within minutes of being found guilty, Justice Troadio Gonzalez sentenced Gabb to life imprisonment.

During his trial, Gabb was represented by Attorney, Carlo Mason.

Prosecutor in the case was Leeroy Banner who was assisted by Kileru Awich.

Prosecutor Banner called 5 witnesses to testify in the trial against Gabb.

The allegation made against Gabb was that on July 1, 2007, Gabb stabbed Arana multiple times after an incident though an alley which was witnessed by his ex-common-law wife.

Prosecutor Banner case was that Arana had gone through the alley to visit a woman. That woman happened to be Gabb’s estrange common-law wife, Michelle Lennon. Arana was just being handed a plate of food, when Gabb came home and was walking through the alley and saw Lennon doing so.

Seeing that, Gabb approached Arana and said to him, “Dah because ah you mek meh gial deh disrespect meh.”

Gabb then punched Arana and that’s when Arana picked up his bicycle and Gabb pulled out a knife and stabbed him once. He then went over Arana with the knife and stabbed him some more. According to the doctor examination, Arana was stabbed as many as 7 times, mostly to the chest and back area. He died on July 7, 2007, 6 days later from his injuries.

The prosecution's main witness was Lennon who told the court that she witnesses the stabbing which occurred at around 7:00 p.m. She said that she was on her verandah which is located 10 to 12 feet from where Gabb stabbed Arana.

She said that after she had given Arana a plate of food, Gabb came up to him and without Arana saying anything to him, Gabb pulled out a knife and stabbed him and that he even turned the knife inside of Arana.

Gabb and Lennon had ended their relationship in May of 2007, 2 months prior to the murder.

In his defense, Gabb said it wasn’t him and that at the time of the murder, he was at home.

But the jurors did not believe his story especially after Prosecutor Banner's main witness, Michelle Lennon had told the court that Gabb had told her that one day, he will either kill her or kill someone for her.

Note- this is the second trial for Gabb. His trial had started but it had to be aborted due to inclement weather back in July 2012.

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