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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

The family of 37 year-old Daniel Aguirre, the 2011 KTV Latino Champion who is believed to have been killed in September and burnt up inside his taxi, is at risk to lose their family home to the bank because they can’t pay the mortgage.

The charred remains found inside his vehicle in September has still not been confirmed by police as being Aguirre, and even though the family believe that it was him (who they have already buried), they don’t have absolute proof of confirmation.

The insurance company which Aguirre subscribed to has therefore withheld payments to his family because they need that proof in the form of a death certificate. That certificate cannot be produced because police also need confirmation from the DNA tests on the samples of the remains which they forwarded 3 months ago to the National Forensic Science Service.

Meanwhile, Aguirre’s common-law wife is being pressed to make monthly installments of $460 on their $30,000 mortgage to Scotia Bank for their family home. The bank is expecting that she will honour the contractual arrangement on the mortgage, or else they will have to foreclose. Aguirre’s common-law wife has told the media that she has been given some more time to try to get the certificate to satisfy the insurance company.

That DNA result, which is holding the entire process, is in the hands of the National Forensic Science Service. Assistant Superintendent Sinquest Martinez, the officer commanding Belmopan Police, has told the media categorically that this issue is out of the police’s hands. He has added that if they had the results, they would have released the death certificate for Aguirre the moment they received it. Belmopan police is waiting just like Aguirre’s family until Forensics finally produces those results.