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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

Efrain Cowo, 41, a long standing employee of the Ministry of Rural Development, was killed on Friday night in a traffic accident between mile 46 and 47 on the Western Highway.

Just before 5 p.m., Government Employee Ernesto Banner was driving a white Isuzu D-Max, which belonged to GOB, he was accompanied by 25 year-old Ginnie Neal, 29 year-old Kendra Arnold, and Cowo, who were passengers in the vehicle.

When they arrived at that location on the highway, Banner lost control of the vehicle and slammed head-on into a green Ford Explorer, being driven at the time by 45 year-old Bert Ramos, who had 22 year-old Avery Flores and 19 year-old Chevon Williams in his vehicle with him at the time.

All 7 persons suffered varying degrees of head and bodily injuries and had to be rushed to Western Regional Hospital. Phillip Willoughby, Belize City Councillor with responsibility for Emergency Management, was very instrumental in the first response after the accident happened. He activated immediately and ensured that everyone was able to arrive on time. Nevertheless, medical practitioners did everything they could to save Cowo's life, but the extent of his injuries were too severe, and he passed away while being treated.

Bert Ramos, the driver of the other vehicle, spoke to the media, describing the accident as something he could not avoid, because it happened so quickly. According to Ramos, he was driving back to Belize City and there was a vehicle which was in front of him. He said that they were passing by a big pothole in the middle of the lane, and the driver in front of him swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic to dodge it. Ramos said that from what he saw, Banner was immediately shaken by the vehicle who dodged the hole into his lane, and he started to turn away while braking. Banner lost control of the vehicle while trying to avoid the first collision, and ended up slamming into him instead. He reiterated that there was nothing that he could have  been done to avoid the accident, and he sent apologies to the family of Cowo and other accident victims.

His version of events will have to be verified by Belmopan Police who were unable to interview any of the victims because their health took priority and some of them had to be transported to the KHMH, for more specialized care.