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Thursday, 12 December 2013 00:00

The howls of protest rang hollow once again at Independence hall as the People's United Party once again held a complain session masqueraded as a press conference on Tuesday, December 11th. As is now the norm, the PUP took time out to whine and bicker about what is the most current issue. This time around it was the government's decision to assist people across the country, spreading the Christmas Cheer and the way the Central Government has opted to ensure that work is done in municipalities with PUP councils.

Francis Fonseca was first to bite up about the amount of money that is being given to the PUP representatives for the Christmas program. He said that the twenty five thousand dollars allotted to them is not equitable. He completely forgot that equity is a word which does not exist in the PUP's vocabulary. When they were distributing the Venezuela grant money in the run up to the 2008 General Election, equity was the least of their concerns. They gave it all away to their cronies, some of them got thousands of dollars twice! Anyone wanting to verify this can check the Auditor General's report on the Venezuelan Grant distribution. Francis also forgot that the second 20 million dollars was used to pay off the Universal Health Services private debt when the money was supposed to have been used to build houses for needy persons in the country. It seems that equity was not a consideration then. He also forgot that even after this money was recovered by the UDP administration the PUP representatives got their fair share for them to assist their supporters.

As he formulated his accusations of inequity against the government, Francis must have also forgotten that under their administration there was no Christmas Cheer program. Not a single red cent was spent to assist people during the Christmas Season. He also forgot that for 10 solid years the UDP never got any assistance by way of the community vote which for them these days amounts to a handsome sum of $7,000 a month and which was never afforded to the UDP reps while they were in opposition.

More than this, Francis, as he scavenged his  brain to justify his latest press conference must have bi-passed the memory triggers which told him that during the PUP tenure, not a single UDP representative got a copper in educational assistance, or any other social assistance programs which they had. That is in glaring contrast to what the UDP does where each and every one of those PUP representatives get their fair share of the education assistance program, the BOOST program and the Food Pantry Program.   
For Francis to now be whining about the Christmas program, is to say the least, hypocritical. But in true PUP fashion he bleated and attempted to draw sympathy to his side. Having exhausted that topic he paraded his PUP mayors, Kevin Bernard, Anthony Fuentes and Gilbert Swazo to make fools of themselves. This stock, should we say Fuentes and Swazo, were all too happy to pronounced that they are grateful to the Prime Minister and the Central Government for stepping in where they simply were unable to do the work because they were unable to muster the finances to get the job done (we question what they are doing with the moneys from the Dangriga and Punta Gorda town councils.) After expressing their gratitude publicly, when Francis snapped his fingers and gave them a thought, they changed their tunes and began to find problems with Central Government's assistance. There is no hope for these two!

The third contender, Bernard, is a different story all together. From ever since, he has been publicly calling on Central Government to fix the portion of the Phillip Goldson highway which passes through Orange Walk town. Now the government is doing just that and he is complaining that he was not given the money to do this. Well hello, Kevin, it is not your responsibility so you can't get the money. Already he is unable to account for the finances of the town council and he wants more to be added onto what he cannot account for. Sorry that will not happen. When the government spends money it must be accounted for, when the Orange Walk town council spends money, heaven knows what it is spent on. There are those who speculate that the finances are spent on overpaid council workers and yet others whispers that it is likely that it is spent in the nearest cantina. Whichever the case, money is not being made available for the highway because it is not Bernard's responsibility and more so, he cannot be trusted with public finances until he can account for that which he collects from the tax payers of Orange Walk town.