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Thursday, 12 December 2013 00:00

bridge.jpg - 110.36 KbCrique Sarco Village is Toledo District’s oldest Kechi village and was only accessed by sea and the Temash River. One had to paddle the river until the late 60’s when outboard motors became available to the Canelo family. In 1998 or there about the road to Crique Sarco was bushed and shaped to the Northern banks of the Temash River.  It took another year to get across because the dry season had to be waited on to cross the river.

Around 2003  election time the parts of the now unfinished bridge was transported to the riverside by lowboy and then left  there. Trees grew between the braces and parts of the bridge. The bridge was again given attention in 2008 just around election time when it was piled and assembled to its present stage. Another  campaign strategy by PUP to win the hearts of the people in the Crique Sarco  village. In the months after election a section was decked, wooden stairways were placed on both sides only for pedestrians to cross over. A far cry from the vehicles this structure should have been transferring to the village.

During the period 2008 to 2012, the then Toledo East area representative Peter Eden Martinez lobbied for the completion of the Crique Sarco Bridge. Just prior to the General Elections, a meeting was held with personel of US  Capital Energy, Ministry of Works officials, the then Alcalde and Chairman where it was agreed that US Capital and GOB would collaborate to the bridges completion.

With the excellent stewardship of Prime Minister, he has been able to find the much needed funds to finally complete the structure.

The $350,000.00 budgeted is for the completion of the bridge to include the backfilling, the installation of culverts to ensure the approach of the bridge will no longer be flooded. When the  river overflows its banks it forces the college students to use dories to get to the school bus on the northern side of the river. This will be a completed project funded by the Barrow Administration.

The people of Crique Sarco says thanks to the Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow.

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