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Thursday, 12 December 2013 00:00

“Ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for” goes an ancient saying that exemplifies the need to be bold and yes to take calculated risk with resolute conviction. A potential game changer within the political arena that recently quoted that proverb is Councillor Roger Espejo. He maintains that without taking risk we are unlikely to reap reward and that the Fort George Constituency now needs someone to ‘grab the bull by the horn’. Uncomfortable with the way things are in his constituency as well as the lack of leadership by the area representative the two-time Councillor is already making in-roads in the battle against apathy that plagues certain pockets within the area that he already does and intends to serve as representative. Starting with the things that matter Roger Espejo is motivating residents in the areas of sanitation and civic pride. Clearly the work in this area is cut out for any ‘area rep’ but work is what makes this young leader tick.

Believing in health and general well being as the foundation of stability to fight poverty, Councillor Espejo recently organized a massive cleanup campaign in the ‘Pickstock Hutment’  - an inner city village where the current ‘area rep’ has failed to lead and/or lobby for the installment of basic management such as garbage collection. While littering is a challenge that plagues this area, residents do lack the proper waste facilities like many others of marginalized pockets throughout the area. It’s no wonder, then, that for years residents have dumped household garbage beside a playground where on a weekly basis an abhorrent ‘hotspot’ was created until now. Having installed a receptacle system that can be discharged easily by paid sanitation workers, change is happening. Already residents are using the system, which shows that a little idea followed with conviction can have major effect.     

When Roger Espejo emerged as a candidate a few years ago his debut ad boldly declared: “talking done, time fi work” and today many can attest to his ability to deliver on that pledge, resourcefully and creatively. Surely the Fort George people will now see better days as sports, arts, jobs, civic pride, safety, health and infrastructure are areas that this emerging leader pledges to take on and to do so whole heartedly or as we say ‘all the way’. Always an inspired personality, Mr. Espejo sees the glass half full in his fight to officially represent the people of Fort George. “We’re half way there” he says, “we need to fight poverty not the poor”. 

Each one teach one: Councillor Roger Espejo and Fort George Constituent Bernadette Bennett use newly installed receptacle system.