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Thursday, 12 December 2013 00:00

On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 the children of Armenia Government School were visited with tidings of good cheer and tokens of generosity courtesy of a group representing the Termendjian family of Los Angeles, California and the Paradise Shrimp Farm near Hope Creek in the Stann Creek district.  This small gesture is what these kind folks hope is only the start of a beautiful relationship with the people and Village of Armenia. 

While visiting Belize on an investment scouting trip they passed through the village on the way to what would eventually become the location of the Paradise Shrimp Farm and immediately felt an affinity to the quiet community bearing the name of their ancestral home of Armenia in Eurasia.  Almost immediately, they decided that they would take the village under their altruistic wings.  In coordination with their friends in Belize, they arranged to have toys delivered to each and every child at the Primary School.

Upon arriving at the school, the group was greeted by the student body gathered for their weekly assembly which had been delayed by a day to coincide with their visit.  Principal Brian expressed his and the school’s gratitude to all involved and revealed their own surprise for their visitors, with children from each class coming forward to present handmade thank you cards to them.  The students then queued up smartly to receive the over 400 gifts that the group had brought to share with them.

With the gifts dispensed the group left the school with the promise to return in the not-too-distant future to further strengthen ties and continue fostering this newfound relationship with the good people of Armenia Village.  The Termendjian family and Paradise Shrimp Farm take this opportunity to wish all Belizeans a Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season!