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Thursday, 19 December 2013 00:00

After all the noise and consternation that Philip (Fawda) Henry had made about Mace-Bearer, Brian Audinett, and UDP Stalwart, Allan Kelly, about them beating him, he was a no show in court on Friday December 13th. Can we say that Fawda  made up the entire story because he must have been enticed to do so (we know the kind of character that Henry is.) by another political party?

Back to the meat of matter. Henry had accused Audinett and Kelly of having assaulted him, punching him in the face and that led to them being charged with 1 count each of harm, wounding, using threatening words against Henry. For good measure even a police officer was thrown in the mix and they were also charged with assaulting a police officer and wounding in relation to PC#1366, Wilbert Chi.

It must have seemed like a spectacular joke for the PUP when the good UDP supporters were dragged to court on July 16th, and it must have been a great disappointment when Fawda was a no show in court and it was proven that Chi was never touched by any of the good gentlemen. They appeared in court and were exonerated of all charges which only proves the adage: "don't believe everything you hear."