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Thursday, 19 December 2013 00:00

lake i parade.jpg - 105.27 KbIt was billed to be perhaps one of the largest Christmas parties in the country and Lake Independence Area Representative, Hon. Mark King ,did not disappoint. The program of events had to be changed due to the weather conditions in Belize City, pushing the event two hours earlier than scheduled. Nonetheless the program got off at 10 instead of 12 and what a program it was.

The event went off without a hitch as a parade took off from Central American Boulevard and made its way through Mahogany Street. With participation of Jankunu Dancers, the Mahogany Street Precinct Youth Cadet Corp and the St. Luke's Marching Band, it was quite a spectacle.

Impressively the Cadet corp marched in cadence, St. Luke's marched and the Jankunu Dancers paused the parade to display the Garifuna Culture at this time of year. Trailing at the rear was a massive trailer featuring Mickey, Minnie, Spongebob, Dora and Diego, even Mrs. Clause (Dianne Finnegan) was in action on the truck. Of course bringing it all in was Hon. Mark King who headed the parade along the route. On the sides, King's helpers issued sweets to anxiously awaiting throngs of children and adults.

By the time the head of the parade reached the field behind the Charles Bartlett Hyde building, they were greeted by Kenny G and his New generation band. And as soon as the people walked in to meet those already seated under tents, the giveaways started. It was a bonanza: bicycles, irons, refigerators, stoves, flat screen tv's, fans, Mckesey meat packages, groceries... were all raffled to the spectators.
On the periphery it was food and soft drinks and the main event- over 13 thousand toys were distributed to the children who had previously been given tickets to collect them.

As this took place the entire gathering, which some place at around 4 thousand strong were entertained by superstars like Chad, Ernestine, and Kenny Gladden.

It was perhaps an event that has never been seen before in Lake I. Speaking to Hon. King he explained and quoted Chad, "This dah Lake-I Time oh yes, oh yes..." but on a serious note, King told the Guardian that after all the work that he has done in the division, in terms of infrastructure work, land distribution and education assistance, it was only fitting that the children as well as the adults who have not yet contacted him receive some benefits of his position in Lake I.

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