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Monday, 30 December 2013 00:00

Three families are grieving the loss of 4 promising young people in the aftermath of one of the most violent traffic accidents this year. It happened on Christmas Day at around 4:30p.m. between miles 7 and 8 on the Philip Goldson Highway.

 22 year-old Hector Daniel Gongora was driving his father’s red Isuzu D-Max pickup, and in the vehicle with him were 20 year-old Henry Gabourel Reyes, 17 year-old Dulce Yanira Cobb, and 23 year-old Shakir Shamir Monima. He was heading back to his Lake Garden home in Ladyville when he lost control of the vehicle. It veered off into the opposite lane, and it slammed into 2 trees; the evidence police found suggests that the vehicle was launched into the tree. The force of the impact collapsed the roof of the cabin onto all four young persons, crushing them to death.

Rescue teams from the military, police, and the airport all responded to assist the victims, but their severe head and bodily injuries caused all 4 to die on the spot.

It’s an unimaginable tragedy for these families who were celebrating the holidays together. Hector Gongora came home from the University of Houston, where he was studying computer engineering, just so that he could spend time with his families. Henry Reyes was hanging out with him at the Lake Garden home. Both young men went to pick up their 2 other friends from Belize City. Cobb and Monima were Gongora’s childhood friends. The Gongora family told the media that it could have been worse for them because there could have been a fifth victim. They are thankful that Hector Gongora’s younger sister was asleep, because if she wasn’t she would have wanted to accompany them to Belize City to pick up the other 2 friends. They said that this is one thing they are thankful for, amid their sorrow.

Police have not released at this time what they believe caused the accident, but all 4 tires were intact. The speculation right now is that Hector Gongora tried to dodge a pothole in the road, and that’s what caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

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