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Monday, 30 December 2013 00:00

22 year-old Belmopan cyclist Geon Hanson is being treated at the KHMH after he was knocked down early on Tuesday, December 24th, by a bus while he was training.

 At around 6:15, in an area between Miles 36 and 37, Hanson was doing his road workout when a J and J bus, eastbound suddenly struck him sending him to the shoulder of the road.

 The driver of the bus, Saul Castellanos, reported to police that the high beams of an oncoming vehicle blinded him for a few moments, and when he lowered his beam, he saw Hanson in his lane. He said that he tried to avoid the accident, but due to the wet condition of the road, he could not. He claims that it happened so quickly, that there was nothing he could have done.

 Hanson has since endured 2 major surgeries, where his damaged spleen had to be removed. He also suffered a collapsed, and punctured lung, in addition to his other bodily injuries.

 The doctors at the KHMH have worked hard to keep giving him life-saving treatment, and his family thanks those who rendered aid to get him to the Western Regional Hospital immediately after the accident.

 Hanson is a well-known cycling talent and in the 2013 Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, he took the Belmopan Airstrip station prize zooming past that location in the lead.