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Thursday, 09 January 2014 00:00

Police officers from the Intermediate Southern Formation in Independence Village are investigating the first 2 murders of the year, 2 completely separate chopping incidents which claimed the life of 25 year-old Guatemalan farmer Rene Arturo Perez, and 41 year-old Maria Domitilia Perez, a business owner residing in Benque Viejo Town. The two have no relation to each other.

 Rene Perez, a banana farmer, was discovered on last week Friday January 3rd by his employer, near to his banana farm in Trio Village on the Southern Highway. The last time the farm owner saw him, he was leaving work for home on Thursday night. Police say that he was seen in the company of an individual they know only as “Donaldo”, and on the next day, Perez’s body was found with multiple chop wounds all over his body.

 Investigators began canvassing the area, and on the scene they found a piece of cloth being a black shirt sleeve. Their investigations led them to search the house of this “Donaldo”, where they found what they believe to be the shirt with the missing sleeve. This discovery along with a pants covered in what is believed to be Perez’s blood, has led them to start searching for “Donaldo, who is believed to be a Guatemalan. Police still think that he is in the country, and they are asking the assistance of the public to locate this main suspect.

 Maria Perez was found chopped to death on Sunday January 5th near the Green Gold Farm, just off the Placencia Road. She suffered 3 wounds to the face, 2 to the shoulder, and one of her fingers was severed. She was found only in her underwear, and so rape is a factor that is also being investigated. Independence police do know however she was on her cell phone, which they found on the scene, a few minutes before her attacker started to hack her.

 They have no leads in this case, and they are asking the residents of the Green Gold Village for assistance with the case, since they received reports that there may have been persons who heard Perez screaming when she was being attacked.