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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 09 January 2014 00:00

Janelle Chanona, former News 5 anchor and one of the most respected journalists in Belize, has replaced Audrey Matura-Shepherd as the new Vice President of Oceana-Belize. Chanona assumed the post on Monday January 6th, and promises to build on the “incredible foundation” that Matura-Shepherd has left.

Chanona says her first order of business is to meet with allies and supporters in order to “make plans for the next steps needed to win more campaigns for Belize and our reef." She is a graduate of St. Johns College in Belize, of Loyola College in Baltimore, U.S.A. and she received a Masters degree with distinction from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Chanona has produced documentaries for several environmental groups in Belize and looks forward to continue championing Oceana’s three ongoing campaigns in Belize: the ban of offshore drilling, protecting juvenile fish stocks and the ban on gill net fishing.

Oceana CEO Andrew F. Sharpless says Chanona “has the right combination of skills and passion to be an excellent leader and to help Oceana win policy victories that protect Belize's amazing barrier reef and its marine resources." Sharpless may also be comforted by the fact Chanona is unlikely to continue the confrontational style of the former firebrand executive. Chanona says, “I really plan on bringing my own brand to the organization.”

 Oceana is the largest international advocacy group working solely to protect the world's oceans.