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Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley, is continuing his aggressive infrastructure campaign in the city. Bradley told the Guardian Newspaper that a 1.8 million dollar contract has been signed with CISCO construction to build drains alongside 21 streets across the city. Work crews began to be deployed in work sites across the city on Monday January 13th.

As the work program rolls out, employment will be created for an additional 200 more young men in addition to those already employed in the street construction project. Mayor Bradley says that 1.8 million dollars had been scheduled for the drain works however that has been expanded to 2.5 million dollars. CISCO will be doing the work on 17 of the streets which will include the digging and concreting of the drains as well as placing of culverts and driveways to home entrances.

Bradley said that the drainage work will see great improvement in the flooding conditions on the streets in particular the streets on the Southside of the city.   

The drainage program aside, Mayor Bradley also explained that the street concreting program will also continue where at least 30 more streets will be paved. Additionally 20 other streets will be upgraded to just before paving standard. In these works, residents of the city will see installation of drains, culverts, walkways and driveways. The work plan includes upgrading of streets in the Belama phase 2 and 3. Councilor in charge of the roadwork is Dean Samuels who has already completed work on Lord Rhaburn Street where it was elevated to about 6 to 10 inches from where it was before.

For the 30 additional streets that will be concreted, those works will commence as soon as BWSL completes its work. Mayor Bradley says that the funding for these streets are being identified. Some of those that will be concreted include Buttonwood Bay Boulevard, Wilson Street and Pike’s Crescent.