New Age: Belize City Drivers Now Renew Licenses Online Print E-mail
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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

One of the qualities that made Deputy Mayor Bernard Pitts a key part of the UDP 11 team for Belize City was his background in Information Technology. The team already comprised of  legal experts, a medical doctor and community activists and with a city ready to turn the page to a modern era Pitts’s expertise in information technology was a key part of the formula for effective governance.

On Tuesday, January 14th, Deputy Mayor Pitts introduced an online drivers license renewal program for the Belize City Council. Drivers whose licenses are expiring can now complete the renewal process from their couch at home. It means no more trips to the Traffic Department’s main office where lines can require more than 30 minutes of patience. Drivers can visit the Council’s website at then go to the subheading “Web” and click “Driver’s License Renewal”. There you will be asked to fill out a form which asks for license number, issuance date, expiration date and other identification information. The process takes less than ten minutes.

Presently the program is only available for individuals with Atlantic Bank credit cards since the institution has been the main sponsor of the initiative. Pitts says the Council hopes to open payment options to debit card and account transfer transactions. Pitts says other banks are welcome to approach the Council to speak about expanding the program to their institution if they are willing to sponsor development of the program.

The Council is also offering delivery service to individuals renewing licenses at $10 within city limits. Delivery services will be extended to holders of Belize City driver’s license countrywide in the next few months then eventually to Belizeans living or studying abroad.