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Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

The howls of complaints have already begun against the leadership of the People’s United Party after they took the decision that no sitting area representative or anyone who ran in the last election can be challenged. This of course goes against their own constitution and their entire party now stands on the brink.

The decision was not taken lightly and the PUP’s in Cayo North East have made the clear point that they will not stand idly by as this happens. The PUP in that division took their stand and demonstrated against Myrtle Palacio making it clear that they did not want Habet to represent them in that division. No matter how much they protested however, in the most arrogant of ways, the leadership went ahead and endorsed Habet in that division.

This latest act only proves that the PUP are just a bunch of self serving individuals who are willing to go even against its own constitution in order to serve themselves. To get a better understanding of what is taking place with the PUP, imagine that the government of Belize passes a Statutory Instrument which puts the constitution of Belize on hold. That of course, is completely and totally illegal, but that is what the PUP has done. We are sure that the demonstration by residents of Cayo North East will not be the only ones to rail hell against Myrtle and Henry Charles. There is much, much more of these to come.  We will simply stand by and wait as this unfolds.