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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

The People’s United Party recently announced that it is returning to its “Social Justice Roots”. Apparently, they lost their way during the Musa Led Era. They seem willing to concede the fact that with Said Musa as leader they operated solely in the interest of multi-millionaires and billionaires. As they rubbed shoulders with the rich and infamous they crafted numerous schemes to enrich themselves. As a result, the PUP of the Musa Led Era will be remembered for bloated contracts, irresponsible loans from the public purse, plundering of government assets and pillaging of the country’s resources and who can forget the Superbond. Since 2008, the PUP has been trying desperately to pass itself off as a “new” party. Meanwhile, Belizeans are looking at them, seeing the same old crooks, and asking themselves, “What is so different about them?”

This new branding scam is the PUP’s latest attempt to convince Belizeans that it is a new party. They proclaim to be no longer slaves of the billionaires but rather champions of the people. Not even Deputy Leader Ferguson is inspired by the return to roots. As the party leader delivered his “great” speech at the rebranding launch, Ferguson was in the background snoring-dreaming of the good old Musa days of plenty.

In their attempt one is reminded of a particular Zebra in the village zoo. This Zebra was the first ever brought into the village. It received the most visits during its first weeks at the zoo because guests enjoyed its playful and energetic nature. The Zebra was very proud and all the attention got to its head. Eventually the Zebra decided to stop entertaining its visitors because the same people from the small village visited every time. Guest would visit the Zebra’s cage and only see its rear. The disappointed villagers vowed never to return and after a few weeks of not being visited the Zebra felt abandoned. It thought of all kinds of ways to become relevant again until finally, a great idea. He had them announce that there was a new and completely different Zebra at the zoo. The announcement read, “The old Zebra was BLACK and WHITE. The new Zebra is WHITE and BLACK.” The Zebra thought he was smart but the villagers weren’t fooled one bit for they thought to themselves, “A JACKASS dressed in white and black is no better than an ASS dressed in black and white.”

The PUP can trick the Belizean people once with their social justice makeup but this time the people are still looking at them asking, “What is so different about them?”