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Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

Indian brothers, 31-year-old Kuldeep Singh, and his younger sibling 28-year-old Manjimdes claim they left their home country because they fear for their lives.

The two men were caught by their own  admission when they slipped up and spoke to a police officer telling him they were in Belize illegally. They were promptly arrested and were taken to court on Tuesday January 7th.

Allegations are that on Sunday, January 11, they were found on board a local bus heading from Benque Viejo to Belize City.

Immigration Personnel said that the officer after speaking with the brothers on board the bus took them into custody and were later handed over to the Immigration Department.

While in custody they were unable to present any documents to prove that they were in the country legally.  Further questioning of the men determined that they had arrived in Belize via the Mopan river in Benque, entering illegally.

During interviews, the older brother, Kuldeep told officers that he came to Belize because his life was in danger in Indian. He stated that his younger brother only accompanied him and had no reason for leaving.

All the brothers asked was not to be sent back home to India. The Immigration Department, however had requested for their removal from the country and they will be sent back home.