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Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

Garden City Primary School teacher, Desmond Lewis, 25, went to Courts to purchase a television for Christmas and because of that he is now the owner of a 2012 Great Wall Wingle pickup truck.

Lewis went to Courts on December 10th to purchase a television as a Christmas gift to himself. There he was informed by the sales representative that there was a brand awareness promotion on 32” TCL (The Creative Life) televisions. Lewis was told that if he purchased the 32” TCL television he would receive a ticket to win a 2012 Great Wall Wingle pickup truck. He bought the television but was not really concerned about the raffle because he “has never won anything before”. After he wrote his contact information on the raffle stub, that was the end of it in his mind. According to Kovenka James, Marketing Officer at Unicomer Belize, “the promotion was held from November 8th to December 31st and during that time lots of TCL TVs were sold and customers learned a lot about the brand.”    
The raffle was drawn on Friday, January 10th. After Lewis’s ticket was selected, marketing officers called his number to give him the good news. He ignored numerous calls because he doesn’t “like to answer   unknown calls”. It wasn’t until Monday morning that he decided to answer one of those unknown numbers and he was disappointed when it was Courts. Lewis said, “I immediately asked if there was something wrong or if I owed a balance.” The marketing officer told him, “No, I have good news. You are the winner of our truck.” It took some time to convince Lewis that it was not a prank call then he finally asked what time could he pick up the truck.

Lewis caught a bus from Belmopan to Belize City on Tuesday, January 14th, and went to Courts on the Phillip Goldson Highway to pick up his truck. He says he still can’t believe he won a truck. The euphoria settled when he got into the truck and realized he could not drive it because it is a manual transmission vehicle. It was a minor setback but not enough to shut down the excitement experienced in receiving the keys to a $50,000 truck won from the purchase of a $799 television. Learning to drive standard is a small obstacle for Lewis. He is trying to decide if he will keep or sell the truck. That decision he will make at a later date. The main concern for Lewis on Tuesday was how he was going to get home to Belmopan with a truck he cannot drive.

Courts customers who are disappointed about not winning the truck can try their luck in the company’s latest promotion. For every $50 spent at Courts from January 10th to March 31st customers will receive a ticket to win a 2014 Kia Sportage with a year supply of fuel from Puma Service Stations and insurance from RF&G.