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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

nah.jpg - 76.85 KbCorozal Residents, 32 year-old Eduardo Nah; his 25 year-old common law wife, Roxanie Cruz; and his 24 year-old brother, Sabino Nah were the victims of a carefully planned kidnapping on Monday, January 20. Fortunately, all 3 victims are alive today, but they only survived the ordeal after handing over ,000 in ransom.

The 3 had just arrived at their home in the remote village of Copper Bank in Corozal just before 8 o’clock that night. They opened the gate and they were parking Eduardo’s vehicle when 4 armed, masked men ran into the compound and held them up at gunpoint. The men spoke to them in Spanish that they recognized as distinctly Belizean. Sabino Nah was struck in the head with the butt of a rifle, handcuffed and then ordered to lie flat on the ground.

The other 3 men escorted Eduardo and Roxanie into their house where they ransacked it. Sabino took advantage of his captors lapse in alertness, and he escaped while he was still handcuffed. He went to seek help from other villagers, and when he returned shortly afterwards, the 4 assailants were gone, they had taken Roxanie and Eduardo in the couple’s vehicle.

Orange Walk and Corozal Police immediately shut down both districts, and they started to conduct searches for the couple and their abductors. They searched the entire time, but they didn’t find anything.
Just after midnight the couple returned home. Eduardo had suffered some minor injuries; apparently, the gunmen released them. He reported to police that they took them to a cane farm just outside San Estevan Village, Orange Walk. There, the men took them out of the vehicle, and interrogated Eduardo about a package of cocaine which he allegedly found. He told police that he told the men he didn’t know what they were talking about, and some time after, their abductors released them, but not before he handed over $15,000 in cash to them as ransom. The men stole his phone, gave him a chip, and told him they would contact him for more money, after which they released them and left. The officer commanding Corozal Police told the media that the explanation Eduardo gave as to how he had that amount of cash on him to just hand over on such a short notice is that he had recently sold a piece of land.

Police are currently reviewing surveillance footage from the family’s compound which caught the entire attack on tape. They also have the handcuff used on Sabino Nah, and it will be dusted for fingerprints which will be cross-referenced with the department’s AFIX fingerprinting system.

This is the second kidnaping in 3 weeks;  Americans Manisha and Kathen Kotay were abducted just off the Bullet Tree Road in the Cayo District. It was due to quick community and police response that they were rescued unharmed. Their abductors demanded $75,000, which they didn’t get.

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