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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

Eaton Emory Carr, 36, a resident of Holy Emmanuel Street, was murdered on Sunday, January 19, he had been gunned down on Banak Street.

Police found his body at around 10:19 p.m.;  with multiple wounds to the neck, upper chest, right arm, and the back, a total of 7 gunshots injuries.  Investigators believed that just before 10 o’clock that night, Carr was on Banak Street standing when his assailant ambushed him and shot him several times before fleeing the scene. He fell to his death in the drain, and that’s where police retrieved his body.

Not much is known at this time about the attack because no one has come forward with information about how the shooting unfolded, what has been reported to police is that at around the time, residents heard the gunshots, and a short while afterward, Carr’s lifeless body was discovered.

 Carr has a colourful past, and was well-known to police. He first made the news after he was accused by police of committing several burglaries in the Belmopan area along with 4 other accomplices. His family claims that he had long since reformed and put that kind of life behind him.