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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

One of two well known criminals, who had been operating in the Cayo District has been captured.  Kevin “Migit” Manzanero was injured with a machete during an aggravated burglary at a house on Collin’s Boulevard this past Saturday night and had gone for medical attention at the San Ignacio Hospital on Sunday. As a result Kevin Manzanero’s long reign of terror has ended and he has been captured by San Ignacio Police.

Kevin Manzanero’s next intended victim was Galvin Castillo. The 20 year old Castillo was at home sitting in a sofa in the living room watching television at about 12:00 pm and had left a door slightly opened. Suddenly a short male person with a red rag tied over his face barged in, wielding a knife in the right hand. The intruder then inflicted a stab wound on Castillo’s right arm and a struggled ensued. However; Castillo’s brother, Heronimo Castillo was inside another room and came to the rescue with a machete; hitting the intruder several times. The intruder then fell through the unlocked kitchen door and rolled down the steps, where the rag on his face came off. It was therein that the brothers recognized that it was “Migit” from the well publicized photos that had been made available on the media. “Migit’ then ran down Collins Boulevard in the direction of Bullet Tree Road where he was to disappear for a few hours; before re-surfacing to tend to his untreated wounds.

The whereabouts of “Migit’s” friend Alex “Cat” Reid is still unknown. From good intelligence gathered over the last month, 27 year old Kevin “Migit” Manzanero and 25 year old Alex “Cat” Reid, are believed to have been involved in almost a dozen crimes in the San Ignacio Area.

Police now say that they believe that the recent kidnapping of two tourists in Bullet Tree Falls Village had the involvement of both men, who know the geography of the area very well. Two siblings, 18 year old Kathen Kotay and 22 year old Manisha Kotay from Saint Paul Virginia, USA were accompanying Theo Cocchi, the owner of Parrot Nest Hotel in her vehicle about 8:00 am on January 9th when they were stopped by armed men.Both Kevin “Migit” Manzanero and 25 year old Alex “Cat” Reid were observed to be on a motorcycle along the Belize-Guatemala border just after the kidnapping incidence. Both are also believed to be involved in the death of Freddy Lopez, who was shot at about 9:45 pm on December 23, 2013 during a family walk  near the Kontiki Area of San Ignacio Town.

Police had said earlier that a solution to ending the rampage of crime and violence at the hands of Kevin Manzanero and Alex Reid lied on placing a reward for their capture.

“They [Migit and Cat] are desperate and could take another life soon,” stated Ralph Moody, Officer in Charge of the San Ignacio Police Formation, to a group of concerned citizens last week Wednesday. 
With the recent capture of “Migit,” the residents from the Police Boulevard Area, Maya Vista, Kontiki, Shawville, San Ignacio Town and Bullet Tree Falls Village--the launching pad from where the duo of Migit and Cat operate--can now breathe a partial sigh of relief.