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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

San Pedro Resident, 24 year-old Michael Wallace was killed on Sunday, January 19, allegedly in the act of committing an armed robbery. The man police believe to be his accomplice was detained shortly thereafter for questioning.

24 year-old Kirian Azueta reported to police that at around 10:15 p.m., he arrived at his house on Marina Drive, San Pedro. Readers may know that in this particular area, it is somewhat deserted, and that’s what 2 men tried to take advantage of when they attacked Azueta.

 One of the men, who was wearing a black “Texas Tech Hoody” and a rag over his face, shoved a 9 mm pistol in his face and demanded that he remain still and not to draw his firearm. The man fired a single shot at him, which nearly struck Azueta in the face, and in that moment, he made a decision to protect himself. He pulled his licensed weapon out and shot the man with the gun. The man fell to the ground, and his accomplice, who was wearing a white hoody, ran off. Azueta didn’t know that he had killed the robber, and so he ran off to get help.

 The next day, police found Michael Wallace’s body beside Azueta’s house. He was wearing the “Texas Tech Hoody”, a positive description given to them; they also found a licensed 9 mm pistol beside his body, the weapon they believe he used to try to commit the robbery.

Azueta’s house was burglarized before he got home, and so police believe that since these men attacked him, they are also the main suspects in that other crime. At this time, Azueta is not detained, and it is unlikely he will face charges for killing Wallace. Investigators say that all the evidence points to self-defence. With the help of the community, they also shortly afterward detained a 44 year-old man, who is believed to be Wallace’s accomplice. It is believed that the men were trying to steal Azueta’s weapon.