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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

I make it a point to steer clear from commenting on the different practices and traditions of the several religious denominations that exist in Belize today.  This is because many scholars hold firm the opinion that religious intolerance between differing faiths has sparked the most appalling conflicts in our world’s civilized history; several of these deadly conflicts continue without abate even to this day.

That said, and I say this tongue in cheek, I will risk one comment here on a ritual which I thought was pretty uncommon and bizarre, especially coming from a nationally recognized organization who participated in this ceremony. Last week Wednesday January 15 the leadership of the People’s United Party went to sing “happy birthday” songs at the tombstone of the late Rt. Hon. George C. Price, and then later went on to sponsor a press conference at Independence Hall, evoking the former PUP leader’s name several times during the in-house political rally. 

In my view, the entire episode, but especially the part in front of the grave, came across as superficial since the PUP leaders were without question exploiting the departed gentleman’s legacy for political profit in promoting their so called “new and improved” social justice agenda.

I mean, I can understand laying wreaths at the resting place of a loved one, but to sing “happy birthday” is, as I said, highly unusual. What this show did achieve, in truth, was to highlight the PUP’s desperation to use any tactic necessary in their attempt to swing the pendulum in their direction, underscoring some masked urgency.

It also confirms my opinion that the Blue Party fully recognizes the reality, as many pundits have recently opined, that the PUP does not seem to be making any political gains with the voters. That is why all of their surrogates in leadership positions in the Teacher’s Union, Chamber, Cane farmers, Channel Fox and Plus TV seem to be getting frantic. Time is running out for triggering a turnaround.

To add a little humor to this discourse, it is now sad to now look at Channel Fox who simply will not let go of the infamous “Citizen Kim” scandal. It has become very tedious, embarrassing even, to look at the same news item being aired each night, spattered with the pitiable attempts to put new spins on the old issue with the disgraced Penner. Look, Fox, stop fretting fever; Penner is a pariah, and from what I hear, he will surely not serve ever again under a UDP banner. You can have him if that is your objective.

Keeping on  the same subject of attack bow-wows, I was told by a colleague that in an aired program with another PUP surrogate on PLUS TV show last Sunday, the petulant Matura pronounced in Biblical manner that 2014 would be the “year of reckoning” for the UDP. When I heard that, I immediately recalled a counsel I read some years ago in a religious tract that no person should “arrogate unto themselves the attributes of God Almighty”. No truer statement ever stated.

 Like most of us, I consider myself a Christian, but recognize that we have all fallen short of the glory of God and should never try to utter phrases that suggest we possess divine authority to pass judgment and condemnation on anyone.  Sad thing is, I was told that the so called Pastor sitting right next to her did nothing to tone down the slip of the tongue, and in fact vigorously bobbed his head in agreement. Boy, they are really in a state of panic!

 Enough of those depressing stories, though, so let us move on with some interesting Party politics. I know that several UDP constituencies are holding conventions all over the country, and many of the open seats are being zealously contested. In the UDP, unlike the PUP, each constituency must hold a convention, and no candidate is guaranteed the right to be the standard bearer.

  Here in my hometown, the area that will be very exciting and emotional is the OW East Division. The campaign is in full swing and both candidates, Aragon and Constanza, are really putting in a lot of work by going house to house several times over.

I do advise that the successful candidate here in the East on February 2 will have to work very hard to restore confidence in the UDP (because of Cardona) before the 2015 Town Council elections. Anytime OW East goes Blue, we lose the Town Council, so this area is very important for more reasons than one.

To me, both Aragon and Constanza are very good and dedicated individuals and would each be worthy of being elected area representative. But only one can win. Let us see who the people of the East will pick next Sunday.