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Thursday, 30 January 2014 00:00

Elodio Aragon Jr. along with his father, held a press conference in Orange Walk town in a lot that was once a parking lot to serve Hi-5 entertainment center and the Orange Walk East Sports Complex. During the press conference Elodio Aragon Jr. announced that he had spoken to his father and his brother Adin Aragon and was able to persuade them to return the parcel of land back to the ministry of natural resources and the government of Belize.

Last week, concerns had been raised over the Orange Walk East Sports Center where allegations were being made that there were moves by some 'private' individual to take over the land where it stood. Wrapped along with the allegations was an adjoining parking lot which was held by Adin Aragon, the young brother of the Orange Walk East hopeful, Elodio Aragon Jr. During the press conference on Monday, both Aragon Jr. and Aragon Sr. explained what the situation was. And it was simple, Aragon Sr. who was once the Orange Walk East area rep. was able to acquire two parcels of land in the area under a East Development Committee after which it was developed into a sports center. After 1998, Aragon Sr. lost the general elections and reverted the property along with all the development back to the government. He however would later apply for a third parcel of land that was also in the area but which was not a part of the sports center and he received it. A parking lot was then placed on it for use by the residents of the area as well as the East Sports Center.

After the allegations began to be hurled, Aragon Jr. decided to intervene. He pointed out that as the potential UDP Standard Bearer for the division, it was incumbent on him to intervene and settle the matter. And he did. As a result of him intervening, Adin Aragon reverted the land back to the government of Belize with the single condition that it be handed over to the National Sports Council for management. As a gesture of goodwill, when the parcel of land was returned to the government, there was no compensation sought.

This has now put to rest the entire episode, with the government of Belize now holding title for the East Sports Center Facility along with the adjoining parking lot.